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It’s always nice seeing a nice review and knowing that your hard work is appreciated, Harbour City Studios were commissioned by Garry Jeans Kitchens to develop and upgrade a new website, we created this website with the view to obtain an audience and really capture a clean design. After testing this current website for the last couple of months, Brenden has noticed a significant increase in sales and general inquires when it comes to anything kitchen related.

GHK copy

Since Garry Jeans Kitchens have been with Harbour City Hosting we have noticed a significant increase in traffic. Harbour City Studios & Harbour City Hosting are working closely together to providing a seamless solution for Web Design & Web Hosting

On the look-out for a new kitchen visit today!

**If you’re looking for a website or an upgrade Harbour City Studios is our sister site which keeps Harbour City Hosting main page and server related pages up and running, please visit for contact details and further information.


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