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New New New!

We’re looking at a lot of new functionality for Harbour City Hosting for both our clients & the web system that we have.  We’re also looking to continuously update this blog with Web Hosting, Web Design, Announcements, Media, Code, Technology & who could forget,  Gaming News,  we have also added a new Crypto tab in the blog for some newsworthy news!

You may have noticed a heap of updates in the Customer portal and Sign up process this is to further strengthen our position as a Web Hosting Provider.

Please stay tuned for further updates in the new week!



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Quote of Today!

“As ironic as it seems, the challenge of a tester is to test as little as possible. Test less, but test smarter.”

Further updates soon.

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User Review : is a website which has been with Harbour City Hosting for about 2 years now.
Our client which utilizes our web system/portal through Harbour City Hosting is this website auto updates from a raspberry PI sitting in a lounge-room in kotara. Using a few scripts it reads the weather station planted on the roof and uses FTP to update this onto the website using the system we have developed here at Harbour City Hosting.

This website is in real-time and situated in a unique position where it can notify residents of earth-quakes (world-wide), wind speed, rain, wind gusts and much more.

View more here, and view the facebook for Kotara Weather here,

Harbour City Hosting is committed to providing you with the best hosting solutions in the Newcastle & Hunter area and also around Australia.


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