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New Projects

New Projects are currently in the pipeline, we have been updating extensively the past couple of months we will release further information soon. Harbour City Hosting are dedicated to bring the best Web Hosting experience to you and your business!

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Incident & Maintenance Page

This is our incident and maintenance page, basically any issues that you you’re having with your hosting please see our new incident and maintenance page.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<< https://hchsupport.statusdashboard.com/ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
You can view past network up-time details which is sitting at 100% at this stage. Which is a huge achievement by all involved here at Harbour City Hosting.

Planned upgrades are in the works!


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Welcome to 2017

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Hope all you had a nice 2016, as the heading suggests “Welcome to 2017″, better late then never! We have big plans in 2017 to become the main go-to Web host in Newcastle, hunter and Sydney. Stay tuned everyone, we will update this space once we have an update for you!

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What can SSL certificates do for you?

Are you a reseller? Or a Web Designer? looking to offer e-commerce clients the best and most secure service possible? SSL certificates could be the ideal add-on for you.

If you have e-commerce clients and you’re not already familiar with the many benefits of SSL certificates, you’re missing out. An SSL, or secure sockets layer, is an essential form of security for sites that handle sensitive information, and they are a great way for your clients to increase sales, build trust and avoid security breaches.

So what can SSL certificates really do for your clients?

Protect sensitive information

Designed to encrypt sensitive information such as phone numbers and credit card details. SSL certificates will give your clients confidence that their data is being protected. Encryption is important because when someone enters their details on a computer, the information will pass through several encrypted paths on its way to the final destination if you’re on a website that’s not encrypted, it’s vulnerable to capture and can be used for sinister purposes.

Offer reliable authentication

SSL certificates will also provide the authentication needed to show that any information your client sends is going to the appropriate Web site and Server. A server protection certificate will also be produced so your customer can check to ensure they’re interacting with your site and not a website that is imitating yours.

Accept payments online

Clients who want to offer credit card purchases through their site must have SSL certificates with encryption of at least 128 bits to comply with the rules laid out by the Australian Payment Card Industry.

Improve brand image

When your clients use an SSL certificate, they will also be able to add icons, seals and images that indicate the level of encryption they’re providing for their customers. This is an important exercise in building brand credibility and one that all e-commerce clients should be aware of.

Build consumer trust

With an SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol that comes with it, customers will know they’re dealing with a website that invests in security. Research indicates that 63% of website shoppers will avoid purchases from websites that aren’t SSL secured.

Guard against phishing

It’s harder for malicious email senders to target sites that have SSL certificates in place. The certificates are hard to obtain, which means phishers won’t be able to properly impersonate a secure site and are more likely to be recognised by consumers as fake.

If you would like to find out more for SSL certificates and what Harbour City Hosting can offer you, we’re one of the market players in regards to purchasing SSL’s for your business, please see SSL Details for more details.

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Choosing a domain name?

The domain name you purchase for your business is a lot more important then you first think. In fact, your domain name choice can influence a a whole range of your websites performance from your google ranking to your social media impact ie, facebook, google, twitter etc.

Generic domains lose value

There was a time when you chose a web domain depending on what industry you were in, while this is good for boosting SEO performance, using a domain name that is too reliant on keywords is harmful for google search engines.

Premium domains can still be effective

There are some keywords and niches that can work well in domain names. For example, by swapping generic keywords such as ‘ best hosting online’ for more descriptive ones such as ‘Hosting Australia’, businesses are more likely to see an improvement in click-through rates and less likely to face scepticism from consumers.

Brand names make good business starting points

While businesses with unique products or unusual marketplaces may find that a keyword-rich domain is effective for them, most businesses find their brand name is better. Choosing a domain name is like laying a foundation for the rest of your business’s online presence, so it makes sense that it should be a (well-researched and unique) brand name for your business.

Brandable domain names link socially

By choosing a brandable domain name, your business can ensure its website is clearly linked to its social pages and networks. Using the same name everywhere reinforces brand recognition and helps build user trust across various platforms.

New gTLDs can incorporate keywords

Businesses can also consider using some of the new generic top-level domains available as a way to incorporate both keywords and brand names into their domains. With everything from .holiday to .pizza and .beer now on offer, it’s possible to move away from simply .com and .net to include something more specific to your particular industry.


Harbour City Hosting hopes this will help you in making your new domain name purchase a better experience for you, if you have done your research and you’re ready to purchase your domain name please remember we have a Promotion you must use “R10BAVWBQ3″ to receive 10% off your domain!

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