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Photography Portfolio

Ever wanted to start a Online photography portfolio but not to sure how or what to do? Here we will give you some simple steps to get together your own beautiful portfolio hosted by Harbour City Hosting.

What Is a Portfolio?

A photographic portfolio is a collection of work. It’s not required to be a ‘best of’ of all the work you’ve ever done, this can be true however it is more likely to be a series of work with a unifying theme or style.

What Is It For?

You can use your Online portfolio to show prospective employee’s your showcase of work or you can use it to show your work to friends & family.

Style & Design

There’s some beautiful themes when it comes to showing off your Photography these can be free, paid or designed by yourself if you’re that way inclined. Style & Design is important as you want to show off your photography, you don’t want a wordpress site which is clunky, hard to view and will not look good on a mobile no matter what you try. I’ll leave a few links to wordpress photography websites that you can use.


These are some great examples of some Photography themes that’s out there for WordPress (for example)

Free themes!

Quite simply you can also do a search on wordpress official website

Choosing the Shots

If you’ve gotten this far in your photography you’ve already begun to think about what Photography  photos you’re going to use. This simply means that you have a common theme or style in your work. Your Photography must make sure that your portfolio reflect your style, and that your style is easy to define when looking at your work. Most importantly, you want this style/theme to continue throughout your website.

Ask yourself what emotions would you like to convey to a prospective client. If you’re trying to get a contract as a wedding photographer, you’ll probably want to select images that are beautiful, convey a strong sense of happiness!

Be selective, but with careful photography selection process you could be on your way to a beautiful portfolio.


Presentation is important when it comes to a Photography Portfolio basically you want this studio on the internet to be clean, presentable so you can present this to potential clients. It must be easily readable with your photographs being your main attraction.

Want to kill it?

Be yourself,  Show Off, Get Recommended,  Shout about your Clients, Keep it quick, Show some personality, Make yourself Available, Know your Target, Live Examples, Create fresh content – If you have researched and know about these 10 tips,  you’re on your way to making a beautiful Photography Website.

What Do I Do Now?

Sign up for an account from Harbour City Hosting here

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